Playing slot-machines


There is no official statistic that allows you to see the hold in each individual casino in Las Vegas. The hold is how much of the money put into a machine the machine keeps. No slot-machine in Las Vegas is allowed to have a hold of more than 25%. Most machines do however have a hold that is a lot lower than that. The competition between the different casinos forces all casinos to lower the hold on their slot machines to be able to stay competitive.

Different areas, Different holds

slotsDifferent areas of Las Vegas offer different hold. The machines in some areas are more generous than others. The differences between areas are on average 2%. The largest hold (worst odds) are found on the Strip. The lowest hold (best odds) are found in North Las Vegas and on the Boulder strip. Which of these two areas that offer the lowest hold depends on the value of the machine you are gambling on. 2% difference in hold might not sound like a big difference but it makes a big difference for how long time you can gamble before you lose a certain amount of money. 2% difference in hold can make 20-50% difference in how long you can play before you lose your money. How large the difference depends on the exact hold on the machines you chose to play on.

The location in the casino

Slot-machines in different areas of the casino can often offer different holds. Slot machines that are placed in areas where people wait for something often have a higher hold than other machines in the casino. The reason for this is that people play these machines to kill time, they do not focus on the game. They do not have to be encouraged to keep gambling. I recommend that you always avoid machines in lobbies, in restaurant areas etc. Only use slot-machines in areas dedicated to gambling.

Different value, Different hold

The hold on a certain slot machine will as earlier mention be depending on where the machine is located but it will also depend on the value of the machine. A 1c machine will have a different hold then a 25c machine or a $1 machine. The high denomination the lower the hold. A $1 will always give you a better odds than a 1c machine. The reason for this is that all machines have to pay for the floor space they occupy. A lower denomination machine has to have a larger hold than a higher denomination machine. It would not be worth for the casino to offer 1c machines if they did hot have a higher hold than the $1 machine.

The same is not true for machines in online casinos. They do not have a limited amount of floor space and are therefore able to offer the same hold on all their machines regardless of the denomination.  The hold is always lower in online casinos than it is in Las Vegas. Online you can find slots that offer a hold that is as low as 2%.  A fraction of the hold in Las Vegas.  Examples of slots with very low hold includes Blood Suckers and Böb: The Epic Viking Quest for the Sword of Tullemutt . Both these slots are from NetEntertainment.  (Source: )

Is it worth looking for machines with a low hold

There is no way to beat a slot machine without cheating. You will always lose money if you gamble long enough. You can, however, be able to win a jackpot or another large payment which allows you to leave the machine richer then you were when you started gambling. You will however always lose your money if you play long enough.

You do not play slot machines to win money. You play it to have fun. (and hopefully, win some money if you are lucky) . This is important to remember. This means that the experience is more important than the hold when you are playing slot machines.

I, therefore, recommend that you do not focus your attention where you find the best odds, the lowest hold, but rather where you like it the best. Gamble in whatever casino you like the best. For most people, this means a casino on the Strip even if the hold is higher there.