Casino Games


In this article, we are going to look at where you should choose to stay if you want to play casino games. In most cases, it does not matter where you go to play different games. The games in one casino will be no different from the games in another. The only difference will be the theme of the casino and your personal preferences. There are some games where it makes a difference where you chose to play. See more info below.


It makes no difference where you chose to play roulette. The game works the same in all casinos and you have the same chance of winning regardless of what casino you chose to play in. Please note that American and European roulette works slightly differently and European roulette provides better odds of winning. Chose to play European roulette if you can find it.

Caribbean stud poker

The game works the same in all casinos and you have the same odds of winning money during the main game regardless of what casino you chose to play in. This is not the case for the progressive jackpot. The jackpot will vary in size in different casinos and a larger jackpot provides you with better value than a smaller jackpot. Call different casinos and ask them how large their jackpot is. Play where it is the largest. You can not plan your accommodations according to where the jackpot is largest when you plan the trip. Someone might win the jackpot at any time and the largest jackpot when you are planning your trip might be the smallest when you arrive. Wait until you are in Las Vegas to find out how big the jackpot is in different casinos.

Black Jack

black jackThere are many different version of blackjack being played in Las Vegas. The seemingly small difference in the rules can have a large impact on your chances of winning money. The number of decks used also affect the game. As do whether they use a manual or an automated shoe. A manual shoe allows a gambler to count cards. Somethings that is not possible with an automated shoe. If you want to count card or if you want to maximize your chance to win then you need to check which type of blackjack that is available in which casino and play in one that provides the version you prefer.


The poker room you choose to play in will have a large impact n your chances to win money. You can read more about that on this page.


The size of the jackpot in different casinos can vary in the same way as it does for Caribbean stud poker. You will get the best value if you gamble in the casino with the largest jackpot. Keno always offers very bad odds and should always be avoided.

Slot machines

There is a lot to think about when you decide where you want to play slot machines. You can read more about what to think about when you play regular slots here. If you want to play a jackpot slot then you will be best off playing in whichever casino where the jackpot is largest.

Other games

For most other casino games it does not matter where you choose to gamble.