Backpacker hostels


Las Vegas is mostly known for large resorts but the city also contains a number of different hostels. The standard of living offers by these motels differ a lot and is generally a lot lower than that offered by the resorts.


backpackersThe hostels are generally cheaper than the hotels but not that much cheaper. You can often get a hotel room in a large hotel or a resort that is only marginally more expensive than the price of a room in a hostel. The standard of living will be a lot higher in a hotel. The hostels are generally located in less than premium locations far from the city center or the strip. These areas are not always safe at night. I do not recommend that you book a room in a hostel unless you are on a very strict budget. The value to price ratio is often rather low.

Examples of hostels in Las Vega

Below we will look at a few hostels in Las Vegas.

Travelers Bed Breakfast HostelTraveler’s Bed & Breakfast Hostel

Traveler’s Bed & Breakfast Hostel is located in the art district. The rooms are simple but clean. Some of the furniture is old and have their best days behind them. The rooms are different and have different furniture. Some offer a lot better standard than others. The hotel is very basic and does not offer any luxuries. The building itself does not look like a hotel. There are restaurants and other business in the building. The hotel is rather expensive and charges close to USD 100 a night. You can find a hotel that offers a lot better standard of living for the same or close to the same money.

This hostel will not give you the Las Vegas experience and we do not recommend it if you came to Las Vegas for a good time. It can be a good hotel if you are just passing through or if you are in the town on business.

hostel catHostel Cat

The Hostel cat is an establishment that offers low standard accommodation in a compound filled with small cabins with bunk beds in them. The rooms are very small and very basic. Some sources say that the rooms are not always as clean as they could be. This is a place for people who want to stay in a hostel with a community. A traveler that prefer simple hostel accommodation and the culture associated with that type of living. The Hostel Cat has a small area dedicated to people who want to work out. The establishment is located close to the veteran center in the Art district. It is located about 1 km from Downtown Las Vegas.

This hostel is a cheap alternative but offers low value for your money. It can be a good option if you are traveling on a shoestring budget but most travelers are best off choosing another hotel. If you are looking for cheap accommodation then I recommend you look at the Downtowner instead. They offer a higher standard of living and a lower price.

Las Vegas Hostel

Las Vegas HostelLas Vegas Hostel is a hostel located close to Downtown Las Vegas. They offer nice clean rooms that are a bargain for their price. They offer one of the best value for money in Las Vegas. It is often possible to find discounts that allow you to book rooms in this hotel for less than USD 40. It offers a standard of living that few other places under 100 a night can offer.

The hotel is located in a nice building and has a nice pool. They offer nice community areas, simple but clean private rooms as well as dorm beds for those looking for a very cheap living.

We recommend this hotel if you want a cheap hostel in Las Vegas, another cheap alternative is the Downtowner. The Downtowner is also located close to Downtown.